How to keep windows from damaging the MPC format Zip disks or other Removable mediums.

Windows likes to write in the disk OEM field to track them (MS KB). This also happens to be the same location that the MPC uses to determine if it is an MPC disk or not. There is a way to keep windows from writing in this field and it is set under `NoVoltrack`. It is as simple as making a registry entry like this:




I know it says MPC-60, but that is the filesystem that the MPC3000 uses. I imagine the MPC60 would be the same.

Please be careful when editng your registry. I take no responsibility for damage.

Computer will need to be restarted before this will take effect.


The entry for MPC2000 will look like this:





This registry file can be extracted and imported into the Windows registry that makes the above entries.

Note: This does not apply to MPC2000XL, MPC4000 or the MPC1000.